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Protect your business and achieve your goals with Rivet IT Pro Group’s Enhanced Cyber Security Solutions

Security is not an entity that will handle itself, and you cannot “set it and forget it”. There’s also no silver bullet or single technical product that will make your business secure. Cyber Security is not a progression of solutions that are effortlessly strung together, but rather a set of practices a business needs to follow to protect itself from threats.

Cybersecurity risk assessment and management is a necessity for successful business operations at all levels, from enterprise to small and midsize businesses. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with news of cybersecurity attacks that cost millions of dollars in lost productivity, revenue, and company reputation.

Given the scope and complexity of today’s cybersecurity issues, most small businesses simply don’t know where to start or have the resources to recognize and address their cybersecurity risks. At Rivet IT Pro Group, we understand the burden this puts on our clients. We offer different security risk assessment and management options designed to aid in protecting your organization from cyber threats.

At Rivet IT Pro Group, we believe in a pre-emptive methodology to your industry’s security that results in a well-designed security plan while also blanketing all facets of technological safety.

Our Enhanced Cyber Security plans provide:

Monitoring & Alerting – We’ll monitor the internal network for changes that put your business at risk.

Employee Security Awareness Training – An organization’s biggest threat is its employees and therefore employee education is the most valuable defense to combating cyber threats.

Anti-Ransomware Protection – Protect your employees from falling victim to Ransomware by implementing advanced DNS filtering protection on each computer.

Email Phishing Testing – We’ll implement an email phishing campaign to test your employees' ability to recognize fraudulent emails and avoid real threats that could lead them to inadvertently providing user credentials.

Security Risk Assessment – A network and security scan will be performed to identify any gaps that can then be addressed proactively. Receive an assessment report that takes into consideration your unique business objectives.

Multi-Factor User Authentication – Verify the identity of all users with effective, strong multi-factor authentication before granting access to corporate resources.

Rivet IT Pro Group is the most reliable ally for matters of security. With our team of devoted professionals facilitating you, you’re free to focus on the most vital piece of the puzzle – your business.

Secure everything you’ve worked for.

Our IT Secure and Total CommITment Enhanced Cyber Security plans start as low as $349/month for up to 20 users!